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Scaldis Ambrée

My favorite beer, imported from Belgium.  Trying to get my local craft beer store to stock it, of which they’ve attempted to do on their own over the last month or so, but to no avail.  Took things into my own hands today & put them in touch with the closest viable distributor, based in Puerto Rico!  LMAO  

thelandof420 said: Sorry I broke my word about no communication(which I guess was made more or less to keep myself sane), but you're truly stunning in this(post/86523922026 )! Supposed to be a question. . When was it taken?


I haven’t been on here in a while. just got your text, no worries. to answer your question it was taken at the beginning of the summer.

Glad to be worry free :)  You far exceed my definition of beauty.

Planning to get an EVGA GTX 980 SC AXC 2.0 as soon as it drops.  Will SLI in future, relatively soon after I sell my Thermaltake SMART M750W, in exchange for an EVGA Supernova 1200W P2 PSU.  This chick is the Bombshell-Blonde, British version of Linus, from LinusTechTips/NCIX…  Felt an uncontrollable urge to quote her on here as my friends & I found a particular comment of hers hilarious, so I timestamped the URL of her video, which I believe is best expressed in her own words & cheekiness(Do timestamped URL’s not work on Tumblr??  3:41 or )! PC MASTER RACE!  ^_* … Will be emailing Tumblr devs to get this support added.  Decent chance of getting that implemented, though not as guaranteed as certain bug fixes I presented to them on prior occasion ROFLMAO  

Red Rocks 8/23

Fiat justitia ruat caelum

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Smokin’ Love

Full Album w/lyrics.